About AI model, implementation

What is “AI model”?

You can imagine a program library.
AI model inputs information, analyzes and outputs it.
AI model itself is not data.

# How can I introduce AI model?

The 3 patterns of introducing AI model
1. Introducing by a light inspection device (In case if it is neccesary to inplement on a hardware)
2. Introducing by an application which is operable on PC or Web site. It could be without external data cooperation.
3. Introducing AI model alone (You can build AI model on your own. We provide you with trained AI model, a simple demo and report. )

How can I introduce AI model alone?

We will provide you with Docker file set with AI model and API (created by Python)

What kind of industry have you ever done research and development AI model for?

We solved verious problems.

Manufacturing : Predictive maintenance of factory equipment, Defective product identification by image analysis
Retail : Optimization of listing information, NLP by image analysis
Real estate : Prediction of inquery, data analysis using statistics
Cosmetic : AR(implement hair color chenger App )
Accounting : Automatic sorting of accounting title
Investigation : Analysis of survey
Game : VR
Software : Invalid image detection
Health care : Data analysis using statistics

About rate plan, contract contents

What do you research within the scope of free plan?

We support PoC and effect varification which is nesessary for introducing AI.
Asking your opinion and analysis by a data schiencist
Providing test environment of open-source library
Data analysis by algorithm selection
Machine learning
Creating a demo website or application for effect varification and a report

Who have the copyright of products including AI model?

The copyright of AI model belongs to us in case of both of monthly contract and a bulk contract.
You shall have the right of use AI model.
The copyright of the software developed in lab belongs to you.

About development and system

How is the system and flow of R&D?

We have own AI team. We ask your opinion and process

1. Creating group chat room of VFA and you
2. Talk about your new project’s detail
3. Create an in-house chat room for your project and Q&A sheet, fill out and share with you
4. You check the Q&A sheet and give us the feedback
5. Do PoC in VFA
6. Create report of the search result and give you it.