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Although I want to apply AI into my own business
There are some barriers in implementing AI...

The expenses for developing AI are high, yet we could not estimate its precision and effect. Then we could not also make up our mind to implement...

The technological difficulty level is high and even there is no professional expert...

How can we use the data as AI software effectly...

If so, please feel free to use


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The data collection and processing necessary for "AI implement"
"Creating a studied AI model"
and verify the effect freely!
What does "the studied AI model" mean?

It is artificial brain studied in order to perform some decisions and estimates which are necessary for target processing from given data

What is the free making of studied AI model?

Implementing technical verification used freely by AI, this is a service you can confirm the effect and the precision at the time of implementing AI app

Our company make the sample freely which you can confirm the studied AI model data and the related effect With regard to companies in the hope of developing application using deep learning technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence), we will provide the data of sample image and sound as training data

We will provide the data of sample image and sound as training data
※ The procedure and the detailed flow of creating AI model are mentioned later

The case of using studied AI model data

By using the technology of Artificial Intelligence, we will introduce the real case of using this service in various fields.

Catering trade or Restaurant business
Beauty industry
The whole workflow of making
studied model

Providing the data (for possible cases)
The data processing
Perform the data processing and the decision of studying policy by AI engineer

The accomplishment of AI model
Data collection
AI consultant will perform the collection and confirmation of necessary data for AI model development you would like. And we also provide the necessary structure for data collection as neededs

Raw data
We will do the study using deep learning by AI engineer

The studied model
The accomplishment of demo-apo and report
We will develop the application system integrating AI model and we perform steps of creating demo and making out a report

If you are satisfied with the precision of the studied AI model, our company will provide or transfer the license of that model. Furthermore, the requests of structure development / maintenance for application/ system, one-step correspondence is also possible.

※ If you are not satisfied with the precision of the AI model, other additional expenses are not charged